Service Schedule

Interim Full
Fit protection kit
Operation of all exterior lights, indicators and horn
Operation of wipers and screen wash operation, adjust/clean jets where necessary
Condition of wiper blades
Check and top up screen washer fluid
Condition of exterior mirrors
Cooling system for leaks/condition, test anti-freeze strength
Condition of all belt drives
Check and top up brake fluid levels
Check and top up battery levels where necessary
Check and top up power steering fluid levels and check for leaks
Fit new oil filter
Drain and refill engine oil (additional charge for synthetic and long life oils)
Report brake pad wear levels (where visible only)
Report tyre condition, check and adjust pressures
Road test vehicle and report faults to steering, brakes, drive systems
Check condition and operation of front and rear seat belts
Check clutch operation
Check operation of heater
Reset service lights as required
Check battery terminals for corrosion and tightness
Update/stamp service log book
Wash and leather
Replace air filter
Replace oil filter
Replace spark plugs for petrol vehicles (extra charge for platinum or long-life plugs)
Inspect power steering hoses for leaks
Inspect fuel hoses and tank for condition and leaks
Inspect brake hoses for condition and leaks
Inspect suspension and shock absorbers
Inspect steering
Inspect drive line and joints etc
Inspect exhaust system inc. catalyst if fitted for leaks security and noise
Inspect underbody condition
Remove road wheels and inspect brake linings, pads, discs, drums, callipers etc
Check wheel bearings for noise/play
Check and adjust handbrake where required
Lubricate door, boot, bonnet locks and hinges
Lubricate linkages and cables
Grease nipples where fitted
Check and top up clutch fluid levels
Check and top up axle oil levels
Check windscreen for damage
Check front and rear lights for damage